The demand for popular crypto coins is increasing. This is because people are more aware of the underlying technology and the opportunities these coins offer. The introduction of crypto ATMs is one such opportunity, and there are reasons you should use them.

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5 Reasons You Should Use a Bitcoin ATM

Although similar, there still exists a difference between a traditional ATM and a Bitcoin ATM. While the traditional ATMs are connected to a banking system, Bitcoin ATMs are not. There are several reasons why you should use Bitcoin ATMs. Here are the top 5:

1.      You’re new to crypto

Many people who are into crypto for the very first time turn to Bitcoin ATMs. This is because Bitcoin newbies tend to appreciate the simplicity of converting cash into crypto. Using a bitcoin ATM does not require extensive experience because of familiarity with the ATM.

It involves the simple steps of choosing the cryptocurrency you want, scanning your digital wallet, and inserting cash into the machine. Furthermore, all that is required for you to use the Bitcoin ATM is a digital wallet, phone number, and a name.

2.      You do not have a bank account

People without a bank account can make use of a Bitcoin ATM. It is an excellent choice for accessing financial services or storing funds. If you are among the people that do not have access to banking services, a Bitcoin ATM is a gateway into the digital economy for you.

Moreover, it also provides you with financial security if you have a bank account and do not choose to use it. Bitcoin ATMs have virtually no boundary of entries. You can safely store, sell and buy crypto if you have just a digital wallet and a phone.

3.      You want privacy

Privacy is important in this age because almost all you do online is going on the record. Your financial history is one aspect of your life you should keep private. You achieve this when you use a Bitcoin ATM.

Moreover, a Bitcoin ATM gives you an additional layer of protection that online exchanges cannot provide. With it, there is no need for a credit or debit card, or bank transfer before you can perform transactions.

4.      Transactions with Bitcoin ATMs are secure

It is highly unlikely that your details get compromised when you use a Bitcoin ATM. This is because there is no need for a bank debit card or credit card in the process of purchasing cryptocurrency.

All that is required is that you slot your cash into the Bitcoin ATM and perform the transaction you want on it. This way, it will be difficult for an unauthorized individual to get hold of your details.

5.      You can transact any volume

Some exchanges have purchase limits when buying crypto. You may also be required to perform transactions in smaller batches to get the value of the crypto you want. This may end up costing you more.

However, it is not the same when you purchase BTC using a Bitcoin ATM. Using a Bitcoin ATM is easy and quick, and you can buy the value of BTC you want at once.


Bitcoin ATMs are regarded as a reliable aspect of the crypto ecosystem. They offer the benefits discussed above and many more. You can conveniently locate a Bitcoin ATM near you by visiting the crypto-base website.