Crypto News Aggregators
Crypto News Aggregators

The crypto market is a dynamic space that keeps growing. This means that crypto investors, traders, and enthusiasts must keep up with what is happening in the crypto space at all times. One of the best ways to keep in touch with the crypto space is by getting real-time cryptocurrency news

Many cryptocurrency activities are reported daily in a 24 hour-period ranging from regulations, investment opportunities, scams, new crypto coins, and many more. To help navigate through the rubble, crypto news aggregators came up. These platforms and websites provide headlines and breaking news of what happens in the crypto space, as well as live links to the actual articles on third-party websites. 

Discover the Best Crypto News Aggregators

Many people spend hours on their desktops staring at more than ten tabs for updates on the crypto space. However, they still feel like they haven’t grasped everything. As mentioned earlier, the crypto space is a dynamic world, and a lot of activity takes place daily on different websites. 

Crypto news aggregators bring all hot news happening in the crypto space under one roof. While several crypto news aggregators websites do exist, each platform contains multiple news items from different sources. Crypto news aggregators work almost like crypto mining blogs and news platforms. 

The main difference is that cryptocurrency news aggregators include some special tools that make them more innovative and unique than the regular crypto news sites. In this article, we show you the best crypto news aggregators currently available. Here’s the list:

Coinhills (@Coinhills) / Twitter

1. CoinHills

CoinHills is one of the best crypto news aggregators to watch if you want to keep tabs on what is happening in the crypto space in real-time. It provides all the prices under one roof. The platform contains prices and indices of all sorts of coins, making it easy for users to access them through a user-friendly interface.

The platform aims to popularize Bitcoin and the entire cryptocurrency network so everyone can find easy access to the crypto space. It brings all relevant information about Bitcoin and other digital currencies through its real-time indices. This platform is very useful for experts to create the Bitcoin price prediction. Most importantly, the platform is easy to navigate with a user-friendly interface that supports even beginners. 

CoinFi | LinkedIn

2. CoinFi

If you’re looking for the best crypto news aggregators, CoinFi is among the best bets. CoinFi is a user-friendly platform that embraces crowdsourced and professionally curated research and analysis. Besides, it offers trading algorithms, as well as real-time market-moving news, to give cryptocurrency traders the real-time market intelligence they need to gain an edge. 

Those who are planning to invest in cryptocurrency should learn more about the space to help them make informed decisions. CoinFi gives crypto traders and investors an informational advantage by filtering out the noise and giving users just what they need to navigate the crypto space.

CoinJoy - YouTube

3. CoinJoy

CoinJoy is among the best crypto news aggregators available today. The platform is a digital media resource with a wide coverage of crypto news and financial technology trends. They pick the most trusted sources for crypto and blockchain news and create their own information materials. 

Importantly CoinJoy provides a wide range of source types and allows users to customize their feed to keep track of only what’s relevant to them. As expected of any aggregating platform, the platform includes an algorithm that gathers news from a wide range of sources. The algorithm selects only real-time news. 

Coinlib by Eran Mei Tal

4. Coinlib

Coinlib is one of the best crypto news aggregators available today. A platform is a free tool for traders and crypto enthusiasts. It supports more than 4000 digital coins, allowing customers to get real-time prices of their preferred cryptocurrencies and market information. Additionally, Coinlib allows users to monitor their accounts in real-time while reading the news and gaining access to advanced features. 

Coinlib provides constant news feed updates on multiple coins. Most importantly, it includes the source of its news, something not seen in other crypto news aggregating platforms. 


Crypto space news is obtained from different sources across the globe. brings all crypto articles from various sources across the globe under one roof. The platform aims to bring the latest news from the crypto space from all over the globe and educate users about this alternative currency. 

It collects the latest crypto articles from all over the world and brings them in one place. The platform also offers more than 150,000 crypto tips covering multiple digital coins. All the same, doesn’t provide financial investment advice. Users trade in their own capital and at their own discretion.

Cryptocurrency news aggregator, latest crypto news today, cryptocurrency  news now 24/7

5. Crypto News

Crypto News is among the best crypto news aggregators one can find today. The service is for crypto enthusiasts made by crypto fanatics who want to develop the most useful digital platform for everyone who wants to explore the crypto market and benefit from it. 

Available as a website and an app, it includes an aggregator of news and articles, as well as a convenient crypto market-monitoring service and a portfolio manager. The platform comes with a news aggregator, including news and articles provided by the editorial office. 

Cryptopys (@cryptopys) / Twitter

6. Cryptopys

Cryptopys is a simple and user-friendly platform that allows users to find real-time crypto news while tracking their favorite coins seamlessly. According to the official website, Crytopys aims to be the home page for the crypto community, which delivers the top crypto news stories and content from more than one hundred publications together with a portfolio manager. 

The aggregator is also available in 18 languages, so every user can easily find a language he/she easily understands. The platform has a simple and user-friendly interface that even beginners can navigate. This allows them to find the latest news while tracking their favorite coins seamlessly. 

CryptoPanic – Aplica?ii pe Google Play

7. CryptoPanic

CryptoPanic is among the most popular crypto news aggregators available today. The aggregator indicates the impact on price and market for traders and crypto fanatics. Currently, it includes a portfolio tracker, media feed, and blogs. Users can vote to mark important, bullish, or bearish price signals. 

As mentioned earlier, the platform now includes a portfolio tracking service and other useful features. Pro account allows users to include custom RSS/Atom feeds, as well as Reddit and Twitter sources and other useful features. All the same, CryptoPanic has no control over, neither does it take any responsibility for, the content provided, privacy issues, or practices of third-party websites or services.

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Best Crypto News Aggregators Final Word

Crypto news aggregators search for legit news through the web and present them to users in real-time. Unlike other crypto news sites, crypto news aggregating platforms have outstanding features that make the websites amazing. 

Using algorithms and other tracking tools, these aggregators monitor crypto news on specific websites, Twitter, and other popular platforms to ensure that their content is always up to date. If you’re looking for the best way to explore the crypto market and make the best out of it, this list can help you get started with the best crypto news aggregators.

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