Tired of manually adding token addresses to Trustwallet? Tired of seeing out-of-date and inaccurate balances? Tired of switching apps to check on your multiple wallets? We present CATCHY, an innovative solution that facilitates cryptocurrency tracking, implemented directly on Telegram, the flagship crypto platform. CATCHY aims to provide a suite of crypto tracking tools for Telegram users. From the currently available multichain (BSC + ETH) Telegram wallet tracker, to the upcoming whale watcher, price alert, and sniperbot tools, our vision is to create an ecosystem that satisfies all crypto enthusiast needs.

Our Telegram wallet tracker is made with both accessibility and convenience in mind. This novel product allows users to keep an eye on their crypto balances in BSC and ETH wallets without having to switch applications or leave Telegram, and all its functionalities are programmed into simple yet elegant buttons. It automatically detects tokens in your wallet and fetches their most recent and accurate prices. The tracker does not require a wallet connection, making it completely safe, and it can never be linked back to your person, as it relies on an anonymous numerical ID assigned to users. Since you’re allowed 3 wallet addresses, you can have both your BSC and ETH wallets in one convenient spot on the premier platform for crypto. You also have direct access to charts through the tracker’s buttons, which should facilitate more advanced analysis. Our systems will consistently filter out scam/dust/dead tokens for you, creating a user-friendly experience beyond compare. This product has been released and is being continuously updated.

But that’s not all! To bolster the utility of our tracker, we are currently implementing price alert notifications for tokens of your choice, which allow users to stay on top of any sudden changes in their favorite projects. These alerts will be pinged to you directly through Telegram, and we’ll do all the legwork for you. Whale/wallet watching, a more innovative concept than price alerts, notifies users of huge movements made by wallets that the user wishes to keep an eye on. Following market drivers, like whales, is a surefire way of boosting profits, and our tool will grant you this power without sacrificing convenience or peace-of-mind. Both features are currently in advanced stages of development, with the whale watcher entering alpha testing just last week.

We’re not even done yet, and we’ve kept the best for last! To make sure that our users don’t miss out on a token’s launch and the massive gains associated with that, we’re currently developing a mempool sniperbot that can detect and automate purchases of tokens as soon as they’re listed on PancakeSwap. The bot will place our users at the very front of the queue, allowing them to easily snag newly-launched tokens at the lowest possible prices.

As mentioned earlier, our Telegram wallet tracker is already released to the public in full working condition. To access its many functionalities, you will have to hold  $10 worth of CATCHY, making it the first of many usecases that are coming down the line. Please visit the website for further details on the tracker and other products currently in the works.

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