It’s been a hard week’s Friday, but we’re glad to tell you that we’ve achieved almost everything we had planned. 

In short, our team has started the Matching Engine update, which boosted the system performance and allowed it to do complex computations (like very accurate trading fee calculation), added new USDC-nominated Futures Markets, and released the Trading REST API on Testnet. 

Now let’s go dive into some details. Poyekhali!

Matching Engine Upgrade & Trading Fees

One of the most difficult computations on an exchange is calculating trading fees: these numbers are so tiny and require great precision, but the system’s engine still has to operate at lightning speed. 

Well, today (Friday 24th, at 12:00 UTC) we started the Digitex Matching Engine update on our Mainnet! The new version will support much more complicated mathematical operations, including those on very precise numbers – think cryptos with 18 digits after the decimal point. But that’s not all the good news: we’ve also refactored some weak spots in the source code to boost its stability.

The update finally enabled us to launch the Trading Fee System, one of the key features on the path of improving the Digitex Exchange. Here’s just a small reminder on how it will work: the taker fee is set to 0.05%, the maker fee to 0.01%; both apply to non-DGTX Spot and Futures markets. 

Presenting: New Futures Markets

Talking about Futures: new USD?-nominated Futures Markets are open for trading! They will mirror our DGTX-nominated markets, offering BTC and ETH perpetual futures. We’ve made sure there’s quite enough liquidity there for the first time. 

Next, the new markets will have a baptism by the Mainnet: yes, the Testnet provided us with plenty of data for coding and testing purposes, but nothing can substitute the real use cases.

Trading REST API Release and Testing

Here’s another milestone to celebrate: we’ve released the Trading REST API and started the testing process. Thanks to all you guys for your wonderful support, and the greatest kudos go to our testers! 

In total, we got 30 applications from traders who wished to test the new API. We’ve created an invite-only chat in Telegram, where our lead python developer can answer questions and collect feedback in real-time. 

We also plan to release the Python REST API client this week. Most likely, this will happen on Saturday – we’ll make sure to keep you informed!

NB: Applied, but never received your letter with the link to API documentation and chat? Check the Spam folder; maybe it was dropped there by your too-diligent email provider.

Hummingbot Connector Release: Delayed

Unfortunately, we’ve decided to delay the release of the Hummingbot connector for our Spot Markets. We need to do a bit more testing there; stay tuned for the updates and we’ll be back with more information ASAP.

Bye for now! See you in a week, when we are back with Dev update #11.