Sorry for the long wait! Let’s dive right in…

First up, a big thank you from the Digitex Exchange team! We appreciate your patience and actions this week as community members, holders and traders.

This week saw DGTX’s highest relative price growth: DGTX/BTC jumped 289% on Kucoin within just 24 hours. And given the market conditions and our internal business progress, we are ready to share some new details about our future plans and current state of affairs. So let’s roll!

We’re glad to report that a lot of great feedback was collected from our REST API testers during the closed test of the Digitex Trading API. All features have been uploaded to the Mainnet.

A few points mentioned by testers have not yet been implemented, but no worries! The API will be part of the Digitex Exchange and we have big plans to make additional upgrades soon. Here you can find all documentation for REST API, WebSocket API and Python Client.

Listing Campaign

We are preparing a massive listing campaign. The goal is to list as many new coins and open as many new spot markets as possible. If you or your friends have a project that you want to list on the Digitex Exchange, please fill in the form on the Coin Listing page and we’ll help make it happen! Please note, this page is under construction and some text and data may now be outdated.

One of the main parts of our Listing offer will be Marketing Package from Blockdesk. Our Blockster team has had great success with building an in-house media called Blockdesk. They have 500,000+ monthly visitors, 4,000+ average views of articles, a huge mailing list with 450,000+ addresses and an open rate of close to 20,000, along with a team of professional writers from Hackernoon, Bloomberg, Coin Telegraph and others.

Coins listed on Digitex will get a free Marketing Package with 2 emails, 1 interview and 1 press release on Blockdesk, 2 posts across social media with exposure to an audience of approximately 410,000 followers. We expect a synergistic effect from this listing campaign. On the one hand, it will attract new coins and users to the Digitex Exchange, and on the other it will increase coin awareness.

By the way, new Blockfarm pools may arrive soon… according to the Listing campaign success. So keep your DGTX close! ?

Fees Reduction System

When Digitex Exchange grows and new Spot Markets are added, our developers will focus their powers on the Fees Reduction System. We know how important it is to attract the right people, not only to speculate on DGTX, but to also use it on the Digitex Exchange.

We expect that the Fees Reduction System in combination with a host of new spot markets will create a circulation between users and Digitex Exchange. Coin owners will also be able to offer their communities zero fees when trading on Digitex and with DGTX (as an alternative to DeX). ETA — Q1, 2022.


When the Fees Reduction System is ready and operational, our team will begin developing DUSD — a native Digitex stablecoin, backed by the DGTX token.

We’d love to release DUSD tomorrow, but with the current DGTX price being relatively low, creating DUSD contracts would likely remove too many DGTX tokens from circulation. Therefore, we aim to deliver DUSD in Q2, 2022.


Yes, one of the weak points right now in Digitex’s spot markets is low liquidity, but we are on track to solve it. WOO Network has offered to provide some very attractive features which will be used as soon as possible (estimated in Q1, 2022).

Pavel Yushchenko, our CTO has checked all the technical requirements of WOO Network’s integration. Many changes will need to be applied: Matching Engine updates and establishing a subsystem for trades to proceed with third-party liquidity pools. We want to see liquid order books filling markets on Digitex as soon as possible, but most importantly, we want to see that orders are indeed being executed.

We can’t tell you when exactly a new blog will arrive, but we will keep you posted with updates of new markets listed on the Digitex Exchange.

Stay tuned – the game is only just beginning!