This week went smoothly for Digitex, as we released Trading UI Switcher and refactored the Manual trade block. Here is a short overview of the upcoming features.

Meet Hummingbot

Our work on refactoring Trading API is progressing as planned, so now we are ready to introduce the Hummingbot connector for Digitex exchange. 

Hummingbot is an extremely popular open-source application that allows using Trading API by connecting directly to multiple exchanges. It enables trading via default strategies, modifying those strategies, or building your own. 

Soon – hopefully, within two weeks – Digitex will join the list of these exchanges. After going through with the release, we will ask Hummingbot for a code review of the Digitex connector. Should everything go smoothly, Hummingbot Connector will be included in the default Hummingbot bundle.

Liquidity Mining: The FAQ

Over the past week, we’ve received a number of your questions on our plans for Liquidity Mining Rewards (LMR). You asked – we are answering.

Q1: When will you cease the reward payouts?

A1: As we mentioned in the previous dev update, we will first proceed with releasing a refactored Trading API. Within a few weeks after the initial release, we’ll see if the Liquidity Mining Rewards work fine – if so, there is a chance that we will keep them running, but in a modified way. 

Q2: How will the process go, and how will LMR change?

A: With both the Trading API release and marketing campaigns aimed at algo traders, we plan to increase liquidity on our Spot Markets. If everything goes well, we’ll be able to bring the Liquidity Mining Program back, but it will work differently: rewards will be distributed among users depending on markets traded volume – and one more factor we are not yet ready to disclose.

Upcoming Testnet Update

Next week, we’ll be proceeding with a brand new release packed with features our whole community has been looking forward to. After two months of hard work, we are finally ready to move to the testing phase. 

Of course, bringing the release to our Mainnet would be too risky, so we’ll be launching it in the Testnet first. During the testing phase, we will need to collect as much data as we can on the behavior of the Trading Engine in all possible scenarios. 

So next week is going to be action-packed! We can’t wait, and will definitely update you on how it goes.

See you next Friday, when we are back with Dev update # 6!