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The cryptocurrency market will face multiple make-or-break moments in 2022, and this Fetch.ai price prediction will attempt to field the best possible outcome for this crypto that had an impressive run in 2021. 

Fetch.ai is well on its path to becoming a blockchain unicorn – and right on schedule. Investors have expressed a bias towards startups that are fixing the shortcoming of blockchain technology, and picking up institutional clients at the same time, which is everything Fetch.ai is doing. 

Fetch.ai Price Prediction | Introduction

At the time of making this Fetch AI coin price prediction, the Fetch.ai coin was trading at $0.4553, according to data curated on CoinMarketCap. That brings the market cap of the entire network to nearly $400 million, fully diluted to over $500 million. 

Fetch AI is building Artificial Intelligence for blockchain to integrate, support, and adapt smart infrastructure to the rapidly changing digital economy. It is creating an alternative to current solutions that involves high costs of ownership, which deteriorates the competitive advantage. 

This project is built from a Cambridge-based artificial intelligence lab, which is building machine learning applications based on distributed ledger technology. From face value, Fetch.ai has the hallmarks of a promising startup; here’s the technical analysis. 

Fetch Ai Price Prediction: Technical Analysis

It is recommended to look at Fetch AI price prediction 2030 from a technical point of view. It will help you identify potential buy and sell opportunities to come in the future. Here is a summary of the historical pricing data of the Fetch.ai coin.

MonthOpen PriceClosing PriceMonth High
December 2021$0.7288$0.5069$0.8223
November 2021$0.781$0.7288$1.02
October 2021$0.723$0.781$0.9465
September 2021$0.7257$0.723$1.19
August 2021$0.4044$0.7257$0.7283
July 2021$0.2547$0.4044$0.4268
June 2021$0.328$0.2547$0.4339

Fetch.ai coin has set up a bottom reversal pattern, indicating a trend change is likely. A bounce off the immediate support floor will validate a bullish Fetch AI price prediction and propel it to retest crucial resistance barriers. 

FET price tagged the $0.4673 support level at least five times in December 2021. This technical formation suggests that the downtrend is at an end and that a new uptrend is likely heading into 2022.

The journey toward the north is plagued with resistance levels at $0.8209, $0.8727, and $0.9049, indicating that FET will face an arduous time. Despite the headwinds, the Fetch AI coin is likely to rally 15% to retest the 50-day Simple Moving Average at the $0.65 pitstop and later $1. 

Supporting this move is the significant number of underwater investors present from $0.65 to $0.9049. Here, investors purchased millions in FET in 2021, sending the coin to book a new all-time high at $1.19. 

fetch ai price prediction
Source: TradingView

While FET can push through to these levels, it is unlikely to sustain such a move, at least in the short run. Besides, investors might want to go profit-taking here and settle for break-even rather than another roller coaster ride.

fetch ai price prediction
Source: TradingView

The bearish outlook for FET price is the steady decline in the number of large transactions, as was the case in early December 2021. Transactions serve as a proxy to institutional investors and could reveal the level of interest in FET. 

While things are looking up for a bullish Fetch AI price prediction 2030 on the long-term perspective, the short-term looks dreadful. A breakdown of the $0.4672 support line will validate the bearish thesis and could trigger a 47% crash to the $0.2208 support level. 

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Fetch Ai Price Prediction: Market Opinions 

This Fetch AI price prediction would not be complete without considering the perspective of other traders and forecasting systems. The strong fundamentals of FET have encouraged an interest in the coin, and as such, there is a lot of material to work with here. 

Even though predictions may vary, crunching the numbers to the time frame best suited to each can help us chart the path ahead for FET. Running each Fetch AI price prediction 2030 against the technical analysis will allow you to see the bigger picture. 

Fetch Ai Price Forecast for January – February


TradingBeast Fetch AI price forecast for January – February concludes that even though FET entered the bearish market in December 2021, its ability to maintain a bullish drive going into 2022 is not in question. It targets a stay around $0.6899.


CoinArbitrage opens the lid on a push by Fetch Ai coin buyers to pile in and send FET to a conservative target at $0.81. The road to this entry-level could see a considerable spike in buy orders at the pitstop of $0.6680 that will materialize in January. 

Fetch Ai Price Forecast for the Rest of the Year


WalletInvestor suggests FET coin has found some significant support against the make-or-break price level at $0.90. The Fetch AI price forecast for the rest of the year predicts a significant number of short-selling opened near this level, but FET will feel the pressure to tick higher and test $1.15.


DigitalCoin Fetch AI price prediction 2030 reveals FET could face intense selling pressure as weak hands abandon the broader market and short position open. In 2022, however, Fetch Ai’s price forecast for the rest of the year maintains a value area of around $0.7280.  

Fetch Ai Price Forecast for the Next Year


PricePrediction sees FET continuing to consolidate between the $0.77 and $0.80 price range. A breakout, according to the Fetch AI price forecast for the next year, could finally develop at $0.92, and the upside potential for the Fetch Ai coin is substantial.


Gov.Capital Fetch AI price forecast for the next year predicts FET could face significant selling pressure, but there are some signs that a strong rally may occur. It targets $1.63 as the best possible outcome for FET within a year. 

Cryptocurrency Experts and Influencers 

Toni_G21 suggests FET price will make another push that hints at a massive breakdown within a year to $4.47. The Fetch Ai price prediction goes on to chart how FET could reverse course, shake off weak hands, and spike under a combination of fundamental and technical forces.

YuyuCoyotte remains constricted on the future price of the Fetch AI coin, suggesting a bearish push could send the coin to retest $0.1526 after a bullish showing that could set an all-time record high in 2022. Investors should wait for a clear indication once FET is consolidated at $1.25. 

Latest News and Happenings Concerning Fetch Ai

Fetch AI coin has grown its reach with the recent listing of FET tokens on Coinbase Pro. This listing materialized in late July, coinciding with the start of the surge in FET price, which climaxed with the all-time high at $1.19. 

The token is currently available in all jurisdictions supported by Coinbase Pro. It exposes FET to high-quality liquidity that includes US-based retail and institutional investors. All in all, it’s an amazing milestone for Fetch AI and could dictate Fetch AI price prediction. 

At the same time, Fetch AI recently launched its first version of the DeFi Agents App. The app enables users to withdraw liquidity from either Uniswap or PancakeSwap V2 pools. It happens automatically on predefined conditions. 

The DeFi Agents app will enable users to limit impermanent loss through spot price. That means enhancing the protection of funds from volatile or unstable price movements. Effectively, Fetch AI is bringing artificial intelligence to decentralized finance. 

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Is Fetch Ai a Good Investment?

Yes. The adoption of the Fetch AI coin is a massive profit driver for investors and the main ingredient in making Fetch AI a good investment. Fetch AI continues to ramp up new use cases and applications for its native currency to make it a worthwhile investment for investors. 

What Does Fetch Ai Do?

Fetch AI is building the infrastructure and tool for the decentralized digital economy to thrive. The startup specialized in artificial intelligence and building-related services and products that facilitate secure sharing, connection, and transactions. 

What Is Fetch Ai Worth?

At the time of going to press, the Fetch AI coin was trading at $0.452802. For the updated FET token price, visit the CoinMarketCap website.

Fetch.ai Price Prediction: Verdict

Rosy as its performance has been, Fetch AI coin has had its share of missteps. The startup is facing serious challenges in 2022, most of them center on broader market conditions. Still, the median Fetch AI price prediction remains bullish.

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