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What is a crypto meetup? A crypto meetup is an event that allows you to learn about up-and-coming developments in the blockchain space, meet like-minded people, and speak with potential digital currency and blockchain experts.

In this article, we’ll explain how crypto Meetups work, with links to all the top Meetups in the top crypto cities across the world.

How Can I Meet Other Crypto Fanatics in My Area?

In every growing industry, there is a learning curve. Perhaps the greatest barrier to universal adoption of cryptocurrencies is lack of knowledge. The best way to boost your digital currency education is by meeting other crypto investors face to face.

This can be done either virtually or in person. Over the past two years, virtual meetings have become more popular. With so many people feeling concerned about in-person discussions, getting together through Zoom or Skype can help you connect with others without putting your health in jeopardy.

Using Meetup to Find Events

Investors are turning to networking tools like to connect with other digital currency investors. Create an account on Meetup, then search for bitcoin, Ethereum, blockchain, and cryptocurrency groups within 50 miles of your home. In some communities, there is nothing going on, so you may have to expand to a wider search radius.

Look at all the groups and see how many members they contain. Click on a group and see how many times the group has met. Some groups are formed and fizzle out quickly, while others will thrive.

Look for a well-organized group. The largest crypto Meetup group is now Beginner Programmers in New York City, with 9,731 members. In second place is Ethereum London, which has 9,071 members.

Rounding out the top five spots are Ethereum Singapore, Bitcoin Argentina, and Bitcoin Meetup Switzerland, which have 8,832, 8,628, and 8,442 members respectively. You can also find active groups in major cities like Edinburgh, Dallas, Boston, San Francisco, and Kansas City.

Here are our curated guides on top crypto Meetups in major cities:

Attending Crypto Conferences

As the crypto industry grows, so do crypto conferences, many of which feature some of the most well-known entrepreneurs and personalities working within the space.

Some of the many sites listing upcoming bitcoin and blockchain conferences include:

Attending some of these conferences – either in-person or virtually – can be a great way to learn about the industry and meet well-connected people. Let’s look at some of the biggest crypto conferences to emerge in recent years:

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As a blockchain services company, Consensys hosts many events and Meetups that give you hands-on training in Ethereum-based projects. These events are also great for meeting crypto fans and experts on a more personal level. Some of the recent events hosted by Consensys include a stablecoin conference last January and the Consensys Product Roadshow, which occurred in March.

In addition to these events, the company hosts an annual meeting which normally takes place in New York over the course of four days, but now is offered virtually.

Held in Europe and North America, Blockchain Expo features a solid lineup of speakers each year, some of which have come from the likes of Uber and NASA. The conference is aimed at future entrepreneurs looking to establish careers in blockchain. The discussions at the event typically involve blockchain use cases and how the technology can be used in more traditional industries. There are annual events in London, Amsterdam, and Silicon Valley, also offered virtually.

This conference takes place each June in Miami. The goal of the conference is to ensure engineers and decision makers learn more about crypto. Past attendees have included executives from major technology hubs including Google and Cisco. The conference features more than 100 technology booths and hosts a variety of workshops throughout.

Other Meetup Resources

If you need further options, there are many other resources you can check out to see what’s happening in the world of crypto meetups and conferences:

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This site offers chat forums that allow crypto and blockchain fans everywhere to discuss anything and everything bitcoin. Some of the most popular chat groups on include a general bitcoin forum; a mining forum; a development and technical board, and a project development board.

  • Eventbrite

As a popular event management and ticketing company, Eventbrite isn’t just a place to find seats for the next Broadway spectacle. The platform allows you to explore and promote local events, some of which are bitcoin and blockchain related. The firm charges a fee for event organizers granted they’re selling tickets. However, the fee is waived if the event offers free admission.

Leading social media platform Reddit offers discussions of every shape and size about all kinds of topics including BTC and blockchain. Crypto recently set a Reddit record as 2021’s most popular theme. It was mentioned more than six million times, while Dogecoin was the most popular digital currency discussed.

Content such as articles, images, and videos can be submitted to the site, which users vote on. Posts are grouped into communities known as “subreddits” based on their subjects, and content with the most votes are featured on the site’s homepage.

Be Prepared to Benefit

To get the most out of a Meetup event, come prepared. Have business cards. Have in mind what you want to learn and who you want to meet. Usually, there is a presenter with networking time before and after the speaker. When meeting other investors, consider asking questions like:

  • What is your best trade?
  • What is working for you?
  • What is making you money?

Even if an event is virtual, there are still many benefits from attending crypto meetups. For example, some may feature executives or speakers from blockchain-based companies. If you’re looking to begin a blockchain career yourself, knowing and meeting the right people can lead you to internships and other opportunities that can begin moving you up the blockchain jobs ladder.

Knowing what you want to accomplish will also help you pinpoint the right Meetup events so that your time is used productively gathering the right data and speaking with the right individuals.

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