Crypto Exchange Aggregator

When you plan to invest in cryptocurrency, you should learn more about exchanges to make sure you get hold of the coins that have more value for better outcomes. The role and functionality of the instant Crypto exchanges may be less familiar even to people who have been in the industry for a long since it is a fairly new concept. As one can identify from the name, it is an exchange solution typically aggregating the prices and liquidity from various trading exchanges. It provides a simple exchange platform. It’s quite different than regular trading exchanges like Binance. Alligat0r is one of the popular Crypto exchange aggregators you might want to know. This article discusses the basics of exchange platforms and some ideas to exchange XMR to BTC.

The Exchange Platform

The instant exchange platforms are becoming famous just for the efficiency it provides. It also helps beginners get an idea of exchange without investing time in the industry and go through the hectic process with the simple exchange. Every platform has its use case and knowledge of Crypto exchanges. You can find out with solution works for your best. Apart from simply performing the exchanges, you can also check the fund storage facility, sign-ups and interfaces, aggregation of pricing, and so on.


The difference between both of them is like 100 percent. Therefore here is the in-depth comparison between the XMR Vs. BTC, which are as follows.

XMR Vs. BTC Privacy 

There is a very large difference in both the XMR and the BTC when it comes to privacy for both of them. The BTC transaction is always anonymous, and the transaction made in the BTC has always been private, and it is always private until that time when something goes wrong. But when it comes to the other hand, the XMR always has given the user the option for sending the normal transaction or the shielded transaction, also known as the private transaction. As the recent of the statistics which show only for the six percent of the transactions on the XMR which the networks which are fully for the shielded. When you want to swap xmr to BTC, XMR, every user has to choose between the two kinds of tractions, which are the normal transparent transactions, and the other one is shielded private transactions. On the other side, BTC crypto has three pieces for cryptography. BTC needs to use it for the privacy of the sender as it is maintained by the ring signatures, where the stealth addresses also maintain privacy for the recipient. The last one is the privacy of the transaction, which is maintained by the confidential ring transactions.

Advantage And Disadvantage 

Before trying to perform the exchanges, once again the knowledge of respective Crypto coins and the value of the same to bring beneficial outcomes. In the process to swap xmr to BTC, both the XMR and the BTC have come with advantages and also the disadvantage, which is as follows –

  • The XMR comes with the positive side, which can have strong privacy. It is so because the encryption software can also prove that the transaction is accurate without supplying the data in a public way. On the other hand, its negative side is that XMR uses two different types of address, such as private, and the other is transparent.
  • For the BTC, it comes with the positive side of fungibility. Every XMR coin is the same meaning for the tokens, which cannot be tracked back to its origin using the blockchain explorer. Another side of BTC negative side is the default privacy. The reason behind it is that the transactions are private by default, and more of the transaction can take place as the layers of the obfuscation can quickly increase.


The above article is more about a particular exchange process, but you can increase the benefits with the right exchange platform. It is all about finding the right solution. With simple User experience and intelligent operational security, you will be able to equip yourself and understand the exchanges suitable for your needs. It is imperative to find a sophisticated strategy and learn the nuances of Crypto exchanges. 

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