Soaring, Plunging, Being Indecisive


Present week in crypto, bitcoin couldn’t brand up its concentration about staying above USD 12,000 as price went up to new yearly highs, while the hashrate dropped 25% in three days, as floods hit Southwest China. Then YFI surpassed BTC’s price, Tron fell while JustSwap went live, whereas OMG soared on Tether news, & Waves surged on Neutrino Dollar news. A leading French academic & central bank policymaker called bitcoin a “myth” & a “pseudo-currency,” Grayscale CEO said they finished the “largest fundraising week EVER,” a bitcoin trader told everyone how he earned over USD 11 million”, & Roger Ver stated the disenchanted BCH faction to switch to DASH.

As Brazil’s chief crypto exchanges settled to self-regulate, the next round of probable BTC stimulus checks is improbable to originate earlier October. Chinese firms could look to end their dollar necessity in international trade contracts using blockchain technology, two of China’s major state-owned banks enumerated several blockchain, multiple South Korean banks might launch crypto custody services by the end of 2020, & the U.S. Postal Service filed a patent submission for the voting system using Ethereum. In the meantime, North Korea’s “fast-developing tech abilities” may perhaps be helping it scale up its raids on international crypto exchanges.

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