AidiVerse Project

The emergence of blockchain technology has made it possible for anyone to hold and move assets across an open network without relying on third parties. Blockchains, unlike traditional financial systems, are publicly and equitably available worldwide.  In turn, there is a vast and rapidly growing number of digital assets on the blockchain network.

Aidi Finance provides a secure platform for any crypto enthusiast to make significant investments and enjoy a range of utilities. AidiVerse is a crypto asset and utility ecosystem from Aidi Finance that combines DeFi, Gaming, NFTs, Charity, Education, and Community into a single virtual area. This article review will describe Aidi Finance and its utility tokens ($AIDI and $VERSE) in length. We will also discuss the tokenomics, use case, and future development plans of this project.

AidiVerse Ecosystem


AidiSwap is the Decentralized Exchange of Aidi Finance (DEX). Users of AidiSwap can swap any ERC20 and BEP20 asset with breakneck speed. Thanks to this Ethereum network, you may smoothly switch between tokens. The platform combines the UNISWAP V3 SDK with other components to ensure secure and genuine transactions. 

Aidiswap allows you to engage in direct peer-to-peer trading without the risk of entrusting your assets to a third party, giving you complete control over your assets at all times. All you need to do is link your external wallet address and begin swapping currencies.


AidiCraft is a customizable and exclusive NFT marketplace that brings artists and art enthusiasts together in one virtual space. Aidicraft’s reward and utility token is $Verse. You can easily create using ERC-721 and ERC-1155 on this user-friendly platform, as well as purchase and sell single and multiple NFTs. Share your favorite NFTs and ideas with other members of the NFT community. 

Take note that users can sell their NFTs on this platform at a fixed price, whereby they can list with VERSE at no extra fees. It is also possible to list with ETH and wrapped ETH, but at a reduced price listing fee for a limited time. They can also sell as Timed Auctions, whereby they can only list their NFTs with Wrapped ETH and VERSE only. AidiCraft also has full integration with Opensea, allowing NFTs created on AidiCRAFT to be moved and sold on Opensea.


AidiConnect is an on-chain analytics Software as a Service (SaaS) and crypto-asset tracker that is secure, dependable, and feature-rich. It is designed to be extremely beneficial to cryptocurrency project teams, observers, and investors, providing a one-of-a-kind collection of metrics that investors can use to evaluate the fundamentals of any cryptocurrency. 

In addition, AidiConnect allows you to keep track of your crypto holdings and see a breakdown of Automated Reward Farming (ARF) payouts. If a user has AidiVerse assets, they can manage all of their assets and insights in one place. You can see exactly how your investments perform with daily price and reward updates. AidiConnect will also have user-friendly, clean, modern designs, fantastic features, and regular upgrades.


AidiPlayFi is a blockchain gaming platform in a portal with games developed by AIDI FINANCE. It will revolutionize the gaming industry by providing blockchain-based gaming, a safe, autonomous, decentralized, and customizable platform on which a wide range of games may be developed. The development team will construct fully autonomous and decentralized games with guaranteed uptime and provably fair gameplay, and true ownership of in-game items.

AidiPlayFi’s primary utility token will be $AIDI ETH. $AIDI holders will be able to participate in skill-based tournaments, purchase and upgrade game characters and other in-game products (such as NFTs), and participate in the ecosystem’s governance layer, which includes new game content, voting on platform roadmaps, and prize pool development.


AidiGarage is a public merchandising store that sells high-quality Aidiverse-themed items. Hoodies, t-shirts, mugs, hats, and stationery are just some of the clothes and accessories that people can acquire online. There will also be a customization section that enables users to add cool Aidiverse logos and designs to various items.

From the proceeds from sales, 25% of the funds will go to charitable purposes, 25% to bolstering liquidity pools, 25% to the development of the ecosystem, and the other 25% to the marketing wallet. 


As AidiVerse’s flagship coin, $AIDI, was first released on the Ethereum network on May 26th, 2021, as an ERC20 token. $AIDI is the backbone of the Aidiverse ecosystem, including applications in DeFi, NFTs, and gaming. 

The token was published on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network in August 2021 with a total supply of 100 Quadrillion. Its primary goal is to make the token more accessible to the global crypto community. Note that AIDI tokens are deflationary, with holders receiving 1% of each transaction as a reward. Another 1% is set aside for timely burns. 


  • A total supply of 100 Quadrillion
  • 50% of the token’s total supply sent to a dead address
  • 45% DEX liquidity
  • 5% left for development and the team behind the project
  • 2% total fee for buy/sell transactions with 1% going to automatic burn and 1% token redistribution rewards for holders


$VERSE was created to support $Aidi, which is AidiVerse’s primary coin, and ease transactions on Aidicraft. Each Verse transaction contributes 3% to the purchase of Aidi ETH and the subsequent burning of the acquired tokens. As a result, this has led to Ethereum being added to Aidi’s liquidity pool and a reduced number of tokens in circulation. 

The overall effect ensures that Aidi’s price remains stable and rises over time. The approach described above is fully automated and does not require any manual input from the team. Investors that hold 500 $VERSE tokens or more receive Rewards in Ethereum sent straight to their wallets.


  • A total supply of 5 million tokens
  • 65% DEX liquidity
  • 20% for AidiCRAFT Reserved Rewards
  • 10% for development and team
  • 10% total fee for buy/sell transactions. With 3% automatic buyback and burn of AIDI, 4% ETH rewards for holders of 500+ VERSE , and 3% for charity, team, and marketing fee
  • Holding a minimum of 500 VERSE enables investors to receive 4% ETH rewards for each transaction. These rewards are paid up to 24 times per day, depending on the volume


  • Users receive rewards for holding the tokens
  • Low tax system to ensure token longevity and that the team behind it markets the project to the level it deserves
  • Whale protection whereby if users sell more than 2500 tokens will get taxed at a rate of 20% instead of 10%
  • Safe and secure
  • Improved data reconciliation and optimizes the distribution of resources


  • The project is still under development, meaning many of its features are still underway

AidiVerse Roadmap

Although AidiVerse is still a relatively new project, the team is working tirelessly to complete its present roadmap. Furthermore, to ascertain longevity and scalability, there are more projects in the works that aim to grow and expand the ecosystem. 

AidiPLAYFI is one of the future projects on this ecosystem. It will be a ground-breaking new IDO Launchpad focused on DeFi gaming and game developer usability. AidiPAD intends to empower many new game developers who are having difficulty bringing their ideas to market due to time and budgetary restrictions.

Another future project is AidiKIDZ, whose main aim is to educate children over seven years on blockchain development, cryptocurrencies, and many other financial concepts. There will be an Aidi mascot to guide users on the video collection, helping them gain confidence, curiosity, and literacy on all things blockchain. 

Take note that 60% of the funds from the AidiKIDZ platform will be used to provide scholarships to children from low-income families, while the other 40% will be used to maintain and improve the platform.


AidiVerse aims to guarantee users their basic human right to control and manage their identity, data, and money. With the help of this decentralized ecosystem, there are different crypto assets and utility products on this project to enable anyone to access and gain the best that blockchain technology offers. 

The project consists of various stages of development, which we will gladly track in the next months. Go to the official AidiVerse website to learn more about the project.

Notice: The information in this article and the links provided are for general information purposes only and should not constitute any financial or investment advice. We advise you to do your own research or consult a professional before making financial decisions. Please acknowledge that we are not responsible for any loss caused by any information present on this website.