The North American Bitcoin Conference

Miami conference attendees have a 1 in 4,000 chance to win a Ticket to Space.

(Miami, Florida – December 10, 2021): Boutique space training and travel company, Astranaut, is giving away one free ticket to space at the North American Bitcoin Conference 2022. This landmark opportunity represents the pinnacle of humanity’s pioneering efforts to expand and innovate in the fields of space travel, cryptocurrency, and blockchain.

The unprecedented giveaway will happen on the same stage that’s responsible for launching hundreds of blockchain and crypto projects like Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Factom, Blockchain Capital–projects which collectively hold a market cap of over $568B … “and now we’re thrilled to be launching an actual human being into outer space from our Miami stage,” says Keynote CEO Moe Levin. “Anyone who attends TNABC in person will automatically be entered into the Space Ticket Giveaway for free, and we’ll draw and announce the winner on stage on the last day.”  

Astranaut founder and CEO Shannon Graham says, “We are thrilled to be at the North American Bitcoin conference amongst the innovators and early adopters who will help mold this exciting future Astranaut aims to create through NFTs, crypto, and unprecedented space training and travel.”  

Shannon Graham became an entrepreneur at 16. His projects have included helping to launch the world’s first platform aimed at ending video game addiction, raising tech entrepreneurship levels in New Zealand, and building financial empowerment for Hispanic immigrants through a fintech startup. 

Graham says, “As we stand at the crossroads of multiple emerging markets such as crypto and space exploration, the utility and narrative for both are wide open. Our mission is to craft them into something that holds meaning and long-term value for everyone involved.”

The North American Bitcoin Conference Space Ticket Giveaway is sure to be a powerful, watershed moment in an already dynamic event where attendees can hear from the planet’s brightest and most brilliant minds including Mark Cuban, Harry Yeh, and the founders of Tether, Tezos, Wax, Tron, Voyager, and Fantom.

The North American Bitcoin Conference is the pioneer of crypto-events and has remained the most influential yearly event by curating world-class experiences filled with Hackathons, Pitchfests, NFT galleries, Bitcoin Museums, live podcast sessions featuring thought-leaders, and change-makers like Ran Neu-ner (host of Crypto Banter), exclusive parties, and after-hours experiences. This year’s conference will also feature masterclasses on Bitcoin, NFTs, the Metaverse, Defi, DAOs, Stablecoins, Blockchain, and more. 

Confirmed Speakers Include

  • Mark Cuban, Billionaire, owner of 18 blockchain companies
  • Harry Yeh, managing director, Quantum Fintech Group
  • Kathleen Breitman, co-founder, Tezos
  • Ran Neu-eur, host, Crypto Banter
  • Peter Smith, CEO and founder,
  • Jenna Pilgrim, CEO and co-founder, Streambed
  • Charlie Shrem, host, Untold Stories
  • Matthew Roszak, chairman and co-founder, BLOQ
  • Craig Sellars, co-founder, Tether
  • Vanessa Grellet, head of portfolio growth, Coinfund

The North American Bitcoin Conference brings together leading technologists and disruption pioneers to share insider insights, unconventional wisdom, and industry knowledge, innovations, and opportunities. Tickets are now on sale at, along with a full speaker list and event agenda.

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