1 Step to Incentivize Stars and Forks on GitHub

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As developers, we put a lot of work into our GitHub repos to make them as useful as possible for others, but great projects sometimes go under-appreciated, and under-starred. Asking for stars is tacky, but publicly thanking your supporters by name in your README file is a sign of appreciation that happens to incentivize more users to join the crowd. And implementation is just a copy and paste from my Repo Roster project. Wouldn’t it be worth a click to you to see if your profile went live on a repo’s README?

I like to use rosters as the footer of my README. Here’s an example from my Rando.js repo:
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You can copy the markdown from my Repo Roster repo and fill in your username/repo data manually, or you can visit the Repo Roster website, paste in a link to your personal repo, and copy the resulting markdown. Then, just paste that wherever you want it to appear in your README. That’s all there is to it! From then on, data about your supporters will automatically update right in your README.md file.

Author: admin