All front end Interview questions asked during my recent job hunt.

u/josephschmitt good questions.

The overall interview process was good.

Some of the companies I got interviewed for, had good system of assessing the candidates based on candidates past experience and their resumes.

Some of the companies didn’t go through the trouble of reading the resume. Hence, asked questions that were irrelevant.

If there was any one aspect of getting interviewed that bugged me, it has to be the take home assignments. A lot of companies have assignments for screening the candidate. My experienced with this round has been negative. Most of the time I didn’t get any reply or even if I got one it was not constructive.

I avoid taking assignment.

Asking candidates about what they have done in past, what challenges they faced and how did they overcome those challenges are good questions for starters.

Followed by questions that are required for the role they are getting interviewed for. If it’s someone who is a fresher Ds/Algo comes handy in assessing their problem solving skills.

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