Just finished with a Javascript course and a few simple projects and now want to try building a bigger project which I have decided to be a shopping cart.

My plan is to study a similar reference codebase to get a hang of things and methodologies and then attempt to build one on my own.

After a lot of searching I have found one which had the UI I was looking for here

I have slightly modified the frontend by removing the hover effects and the demo link is

Since this will be my first "real" project I am concerned if it follows right practices that other real world production-ready projects use. I don't want to start my JavaScript journey by writing bad code. I also will be adding a link to this project in my resume while applying for jobs.

I know I am asking for a lot but it would be really helpful to me if someone could kindly take a look through the code and let me know if it follows good coding standards. Please refer to the jsfiddle code as the one in the website is not formatted/aligned properly.

Ps: I am just looking for feedback with the Javascript code only as I've gotten very comfortable with HTML and CSS and can design/modify the layout.