I created the most up to the point JavaScript playlist.

I have a YouTube waterworks tabbed ProgrammingWithYash where I created a JavaScript playlist with only 1 or 2 minute long videos, and unlike most YouTubers, who waste time doing the intro and outro and other useless stuff in their videos, I just jump straight into the topic, instead of asking for likes and subscribers surpassing and without the main content.

I am new to YouTube, and I am not too much into growing on the platform. I posted well-nigh it here as I thought it could help both beginners learn new ES6 concepts as well as act as a reference for intermediate users. It would be unconfined if I could get resurgence recommendations from an regulars rather than just thinking well-nigh it all myself. Looking forward to how r/javascript responds to this. Any criticism too would help a ton.

Playlist link -