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Aug 26, 2020

collection of state management lib


cross framework

  • redux Predictable state container for JavaScript apps
  • mobx Simple, scalable state management.
  • akita 🚀 State Management Tailored-Made for JS Applications
  • effector The state manager ☄️
  • usm 🏖A concise & flexible state model for Redux/MobX/Vuex, etc.
  • storeon 🌩 A tiny (167 bytes) event-based Redux-like state manager for React, Preact, Angular, Vue, and Svelte
  • xsm State Management made eXtraordinarily simple and effective for Angular, React, and Vue


  • flux Application Architecture for Building User Interfaces
  • reflux A simple library for uni-directional dataflow application architecture with React extensions inspired by Flux
  • react-redux Official React bindings for Redux.
  • mobx-react Official React bindings for Mobx
  • concent Definitely the ❤️ simplest but ⚡️ strongest state management for react, it is predictable、progressive and efficient.
  • rematch REmatch, a complete binary diffing framework that is free and strives to be open source and community driven.
  • constate React Context + State
  • unstated State so simple, it goes without saying
  • zustand 🐻 Bear necessities for state management in React
  • easy-peasy Vegetarian friendly state for React
  • react-easy-state Simple React state management. Made with ❤️ and ES6 Proxies.
  • redux-observable RxJS middleware for action side effects in Redux using “Epics”
  • react-automata A state machine abstraction for React
  • dva Lightweight front-end framework based on redux, redux-saga and react-router.
  • react-copy-write ✍️ Immutable state with a mutable API
  • unistore 🌶 350b / 650b state container with component actions for Preact & React
  • kea Production Ready State Management for React
  • undux ⚡️ Dead simple state for React. Now with Hooks support.
  • moreartyjs centralized state management for React in pure JavaScript
  • hox The next-generation state manager for React.
  • use-persisted-state A custom React Hook that provides a multi-instance, multi-tab/browser shared and persistent state.
  • marty A Javascript library for state management in React applications
  • TNG-Hooks Provides React-inspired ‘hooks’ like useState(..) for stand-alone functions
  • react-hooks-global-state
  • react-hooks-global-state Simple global state for React with Hooks API
  • redux-arena Bundling reducers, actions, saga and react-component when using Redux
  • dob-react React bindings for dob
  • doux Simple reactivity system with composition API.
  • react-tracked Simple and fast global state with React Context. Eliminate unnecessary re-renders without hassle.
  • icestore 🌩 Simple and friendly state for React
  • overmind Overmind – Frictionless state management
  • outstated Simple hooks-based state management for React
  • pure-store A tiny immutable store with type safety.
  • react-broadcast Reliably communicate state changes to deeply nested React elements
  • react-nano-state Fast state that can be shared across components outside of the React tree
  • react-sweet-state Shared state management solution for React
  • stamen A React state management library based on Hooks
  • rex-state The simplest state management tool for React
  • statux ⚛️ A minimal state management library for React with Hooks and immutable state
  • reworm 🍫 the simplest way to manage state
  • remx Opinionated mobx
  • vuex-redux Make Redux as simple as Vuex
  • linkstate Bind events to state. Works with Preact and React.
  • statty A tiny and unobtrusive state management library for React and Preact apps
  • freactal Clean and robust state management for React and React-like libs.


  • vuex Centralized State Management for Vue.js.
  • mobx-vue Vue bindings for Mobx
  • vuet 允许你定义飙车过程的集中式状态管理模式
  • VueFlux ♻️ Unidirectional State Management Architecture for Swift – Inspired by Vuex and Flux
  • vue-rx 👁️ RxJS integration for Vue.js.
  • vuex-observable Consume Vuex actions as Observables using RxJS 5
  • vue-reactive-store A VueX alternative : declarative + reactive + centralized way to structure your data store. Inspired by VueX and Vue.js . Compatible with vue-devtools.
  • vuex-stores 🗄 Store objects for Vuex, a simple and more fluid API for state-management.
  • Vuex-Alt An alternative approach to Vuex helpers for accessing state, getters and actions that doesn’t rely on string constants.
  • vue-entity-adapter Package to maintain entities in Vuex.


  • westore 微信小程序解决方案 – 1KB javascript 覆盖状态管理、跨页通讯、插件开发和云数据库开发
  • minii State management for Wechat Mini App
  • herculex Predictable state container for alipay mini-program inspired by vuex, redux, immutableJS,elm,rxjs
  • mp-store 轻量级的小程序状态管理库
  • wxMiniStore一个基于微信小程序的mini全局状态管理库
  • mobx-wxapp 在小程序中使用mobx
  • mobx-miniprogram-bindings 小程序的 MobX 绑定辅助库
  • Wepy-Redux 微信小程序wepy框架接入 Redux 状态管理
  • weapp_expressTime微信小程序之物流状态时间轴简单模板样式
  • mp-store 轻量级的小程序状态管理库
  • wxappStore 微信小程序全局状态管理,并提供Vuex的开发体验
  • wxMiniStore 一个基于微信小程序的mini全局状态管理库


  • ng-redux Angular bindings for Redux.
  • redux-rx RxJS utilities for Redux.
  • ngxs 🚀 NGXS – State Management for Angular
  • mobx-angular MobX connector to Angular
  • RxEmitter RxEmitter combines the characteristics of Rxjs and eventBus
  • angular-model Simple state management with minimalist API, one way data flow, multiple model support and immutable data exposed as RxJS Observable.
  • ngx-model Angular Model. Simple state management with minimalistic API, one way data flow, multiple model support and immutable data exposed as RxJS Observable.
  • tinystate A tiny, yet powerful state management library for Angular


  • fish-redux An assembled flutter application framework.
  • RxAndroid Reactive Extensions for Android
  • flutter-provide A simple framework for state management in Flutter.
  • bloc A predictable state management library that helps implement the BLoC design pattern
  • mobx.dart MobX for the Dart language. Hassle-free, reactive state-management for your Dart and Flutter apps.
  • multiple-counters-flutter Flutter State Management [ setState ❖ StreamBuilder ❖ scoped_model ❖ redux ]
  • flutter-native-state Flutter plugin to help restoring state after the app process was killed
  • easy The easiest state manager for Flutter.
  • Reflow A unidirectional data flow framework for Objective-C inspired by Flux, Redux and Vue.


collection of state management lib


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