It has begun. Black Friday has now started here at Themesberg and it will last until the 28th of November, Saturday.

The deal is simple: you can buy all of our products starting from only $79, that’s a price lower than our bestseller item, Pixel Pro, which costs $89. There are only 150 limited orders available across all licenses.

Black Friday 90% Off

Black Friday Themesberg

The Black Friday promotion contains all of our premium templates, admin dashboards, and UI kits powered by Bootstrap CSS.

I’ll introduce you to each of these templates in this blog post and tell you the story and development behind each of them.

Pixel Pro Bootstrap 5 UI Kit

Pixel Pro was first released on July 09, 2019, and since then we provided updates up to version 5 which is based on Bootstrap 5 and no longer required jQuery as a dependency. It is our most successful theme with over 245 sales and hundreds of live websites based on the UI kit.

Pixel Pro Bootstrap 5 UI Kit

The strength of Pixel Pro is the versatility of usage, meaning that it can be used for many types of websites having over 35-page examples, including a user dashboard, over 1000 UI elements based on Bootstrap CSS, and 50 website sections.

It also comes with Sass variables and mixins which help you to easily customize properties of the website, such as colors, fonts, sizings, and many more. Pixel Pro also provides a boilerplate building tool template using Gulp and BrowserSync to compile the Sass files.

By purchasing the Black Friday bundle, you will receive Pixel Pro included at the reduced price of only $13 as opposed to the normal listing price of $89.

Volt Pro Bootstrap 5 Admin Template

Volt Pro was launched more recently on August 18th, 2020 and it is our send theme built using Bootstrap 5 and our first standalone admin dashboard template.

The initial launch had great success, as the open-source version of the dashboard became trending on Github and currently has over 1.8k stars from the community. Later that day it also became featured on ProductHunt and being appreciated by the community.

Volt Pro Bootstrap 5 Admin Template

Volt Pro is currently at version 1.2, it has over 800 UI elements, 20 dashboard pages, and 10 customized plugins, such as charts, vectorial maps, maps with pins, date pickers, alerts, and many more. It is our second best seller item and it is being mostly used to create the admin part of a website or the app part of a website or online application.

Rocket SaaS and Dashboard Bootstrap 4 Template

Rocket is a template that I believe has changed the market of Bootstrap themes by quite a lot. It was the first theme to combine the marketing presentational pages with a fully functional admin dashboard interface.

This means that if you want to build an online SaaS business, such as Mailchimp or HotJar, you already have the pages where you can present the application but you also get the dashboard interface for the app as well.

Rocket SaaS Bootstrap Template

Rocket was first launched on March 18, 2020, and later got a pretty big update on June 21, 2020, by adding the admin dashboard interface that it currently has. We currently plan on providing an update to Bootstrap 5 in the near future and adding a few more features to the dashboard itself.

Currently, it features over 27 example pages of marketing and admin dashboard integrations, including a UI kit for each part of the template (marketing and dashboard).

Spaces Directory Listing and Maps Bootstrap 4 Template

Spaces is the second premium template that we’ve worked on and it is also the first template that got reviewed by the official Bootstrap theme last year. It is a very good theme if you want to build a directory listing type of websites, such as Airbnb or Some examples could be listing real estate items, car listings, location listings, and so on.

Spaces Directory Listing Bootstrap Template

First released on September 30, 2019, it received many updates and a full redesign on June 03, 2020, by adding more landing pages, listing pages, a user dashboard, and a full map view with pins and links to the location of the listing.

It currently features over 37 example pages, a UI kit containing elements such as buttons, alerts, modals, cards, and many more to get you started building even more custom pages for your website.

Neumorphism UI Pro Bootstrap 4 UI Kit

Earlier this year, Neumorphism was a very rapidly growing design trend on Dribbble, but we saw that there were not a lot of websites built using Neumorphism in real life. So we thought it would be interesting to build a UI kit based on Pixel Pro, but with the neumorphic design principles. Honestly, Neumorphism is a very subjective design trend which for many it is beautiful, and for others less so.

Neumorphism UI Pro

Either way, around May this year we have finished shipping the first version of Neumorphism UI and after being featured on ProductHunt, it became the 4th product of the day.

Interestingly so, it looks like Neumorphism is a popular trend in Asia, as opposed to Europe, most of our sales for this particular product happening in Asian countries.

Neumorphism UI Pro features a huge collection of neumorphic UI elements, 13 example pages, over 25 sections, and online documentation to get you started.

Leo Creative Agency Bootstrap 4 Template

Leo is a smaller, more specific template built for creative agencies or freelancers to present their business, services, portfolio, and a way for their potential clients to get in touch with them using the contact page. It was launched earlier this year in February.

Bootstrap Agency Theme

It features 15 hand-crafted and creative pages that you can use as a creative agency, or freelancer for your business to convince your clients that you’re a good fit for them. It also comes with UI elements that you can use to further customize your website.

Leaf Nonprofit Environmental Organization Bootstrap 4 Template

Leaf is a product that I am very proud of because we built it not because of the thought it would make a lot of sales, but because we want to help the transition to a green energy plan worldwide to save our nature and habitat. It is currently being used by nonprofit organizations and universities all across the world to present their mission and data.

NGO Bootstrap Template

It features over 15 pages that you can use to present graphical data, statements, and articles about your organization. Other pages such as the contact page or sign in/sign up pages can also be used to further enhance the features of the website.

These are all of the themes that we’ve been working on for more than a year here at Themesberg. As you can see, each theme has a story of its own and we put a lot of effort and passion into each one of them, regarding content, design, and code.

2020 has been a crazy year in every way, mostly because of the Coronavirus pandemic. Thankfully, the end is near and we hope that 2021 will be a year when we will get back to normal.

But because of this crazy and unpredictable year, we decided to offer you an unpredictably crazy discount of up to 94% for all of our themes we’ve ever worked on here at Themesberg. I invite you to check out the Black Friday page and see if the deal can help you and your business.

Watch out, because there are only 150 limited orders available, and the campaign will end on November 28, this saturday.

Black Friday 90% Off