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An anonymous platform for everyone to share their thoughts freely without the fear of being tracked or the prying eyes of social media.

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Cloakspace is different from a typical social media platform which logs all sorts of data about the user. We do not store any of your data and simultaneously provide a smooth experience. We tried to provide all sorts of features which can be exploited without storing information about the user. There are no hidden costs involved. This is a completely free platform where you can leave your thoughts and read some more without constantly worrying of being tracked or judged by someone.


  • Posting anonymously without sharing any private information.
  • Reacting to posts, commenting, sharing and reporting any post if found inappropriate.

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  • Replying to comments.
  • Searching based on date, tags or content.
  • Advanced search highlighting.

Advanced search highlighting

  • Real time updates.
  • Data Security and anonymity when posting.
  • Notifications via mail when a new post arrives or when someone comments on the specific user’s posts.
  • No ads or promotions cropping up.
  • Strict policy to maintain the quality of the posts.
  • A constructive feedback system.

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