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Extension to allow users to easily identify phishing attempts


A browser extension to allow users to easily identify phishing domains all done client side.
With a marker in the bookmarks bar that changes based off the active origin/domain the user is viewing.
It can be renamed per origin manually or automatic using the hash of the origin encoded in emoji.
Example of automatic mode using chrome Example of automatic mode using firefox

  1. Get the extension
  2. Add a folder to the bookmarks bar with the ID of the mode like * as the name.
  3. It will then automatically get renamed.

Do not enable bookmark sync between devices.

Rename the folder/marker on the origin or just use Automatic mode.
When you rename a marker it will not change the mode so you can have a marker named *

If no Marker name is set emojis will be used to identify the origin.
This works by using a sha256 hash of the origin encoded into emoji.

Like Universal mode but with a personal salt.
It will be different emojis per origin then other users.

Markers will not get a automatic value.

The Origin is based of the protocol, hostname and port number of a URL

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