Free Currency Exchange API with 150+ Currencies & No Rate Limits

In the name of God, who have guided me to do this work


  • Free & Blazing Fast response
  • No Rate limits
  • 150+ Currencies, Including Common Cryptocurrencies
  • Daily Updated

URL Structure:[email protected]{apiVersion}/{date}/{endpoint}



The date should either be latest or in YYYY-MM-DD format
Note: Historical rates before 22-11-2020 are not available

The Endpoints Supports HTTP GET Method and returns the data in two formats:




  • /currencies

Lists all the available currencies in prettified json format:[email protected]/latest/currencies.json

Get a minified version of it:[email protected]/latest/currencies.min.json

  • /currencies/{currencyCode}

Get the currency list with EUR as base currency:[email protected]/latest/currencies/eur.json

  • /currencies/{currencyCode}/{currencyCode}

Get the currency value for EUR to JPY:[email protected]/latest/currencies/eur/jpy.json

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Author: Shantun Parmar

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