Ignoring that name issue, this is very interesting.

Do you have any plans to integrate package management? I'm curious considering I would think a scuttlebutt 'gotcha' would be worldwide libs depending on an external lib, and it not stuff in the package.json for one of the subprojects...

I'm moreover curious well-nigh any plans for tree shaking. For example, let's say I have a ToDo app with 6 subprojects - 4 microservices, a user UI, and an admin UI. While there will definitely be overlapping code, there will be a lot of lawmaking that doesn't completely overlap - for example, the admin UI and a microservice both share lawmaking for validating user management requests, whereas the other microservices and user UI don't need that. This should probably be considered with package management - on increasingly ramified projects, this could result in huge space savings, expressly for UIs.

All in all, very neat concept, and starts to solve one of those weird JS things that tire me (assuming I'm pairing non-open UIs and microservices, how the heck do I lay out the projects and share lawmaking between them.