I participate in js13k this year

I’m glad to announce I will participate in js13k this year with my buddy MogSogeking.

What is js13k?

js13k is a game jam! But, what is a game jam? It is a competition where participants try to create a game from scratch in a limited time. js13k lasts a whole month and has a specific limitation. Your game must not weight over 13kb. Each year edition has a theme. This year’s theme is 404.

Why do I say it to you?

I plan to share with you things I learn during this journey here on dev.to. It will be mostly things on programming but also water cooler topics on graphism and music.

Where can you track our progress?

One rule of js13k competition is to share a readable form of your code on Github. Here is our repository. We will work with pull requests so feel free to sneak around and leave comments 😉

The first blogpost on this journey will be about our project’s boilerplate. Follow me on dev.to or twitter if you want to be informed when a new blogpost is published!

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