Just published GLab v1.10.0, with speed improvements, bug fixes, and additional features

Release v1.10.0 · profclems/glab · GitHub


  • Add aliases for long commands (#113)
  • Add command to mark mr as wip or ready (#17)
  • Add glab mr approvers command to list eligible approvers for a merge request (#107)
  • Add command to list and view releases (#110)
  • Add merge request todo command (#143)
  • Cache glab env config to improve overall command performance (#146)
  • Ability to search for gitlab projects (#163)
  • Add command to search for projects
  • Clone project over ssh (#164)
  • Add glab project create command (#161)


  • Fix pipeline ci glitches on q keypress (#116)
  • Fix: Root command flags are not generated in docs (#158)
  • Set default GIT_REMOTE_URL_VAR to origin if not specified by user (#109)
  • Fix label type assignment
  • Fix update-check version (#89)

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