League of Legends Esports CLI

League of Legends Command-Line Interface

Known Vulnerabilities

Check out current LoL Esports standings and the current weeks matches all in your console!

This CLI tool is for those who are both LoL fans and Software Engineers.

All data comes from the LoL Esports website.


In order to use the League of Legends CLI, make sure that you have Node version 6.0.0 or higher.

$ npm install -g leagueoflegends


leagueoflegends provides two main commands.


  • League of Legends World Championship (Worlds)
    • --worlds or -w
  • LoL Championship Series (LCS)
    • --lcs or -n
  • LoL European Championship (LEC)
    • --lec or -e
  • LoL Champions Korea (LCK)
    • --lck or -k
  • Tencent LoL Pro League (LPL)
    • --lpl or -p
  • LoL Championship Series Academy (LCS Academy)
    • --lcsacademy or -a


Get a list of this weeks matches for any of the 5 premier LoL leagues.

$ leagueoflegends matches --lec

leagueoflegends matches (example)


Get the current standings for any of the 5 premier LoL leagues.

$ leagueoflegends standings --lec

leagueoflegends standings (example)

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