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Nicolas Pita

Sep 3 · 2 min read

A test scripting GUI for your React application.

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At launch just over a year ago spearmint offered developers an alternative to traditional test scripting with our user-friendly GUI that dynamically generated tests for React applications. The spearmint team has been hard at work striving to make our application more intuitive, user-friendly, and performant. These new changes now make the process of creating a test with our application to running the test as seamless as possible.

  1. spearmint now offers support for more than just vanilla React applications including Redux, React Hooks, Endpoint testing, and performance testing with Puppeteer.

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2. Not sure how a test should look? Our in app browser window will link you directly to testing documentation for any of the supported testing types.

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3. spearmint is now faster than ever. We dove deep under the hood to refactor the overall application architecture to optimize rendering performance.

4. Tests can now be previewed with the in-app code editor. Something seems off? Just make an edit, hit save changes and the test will be updated in your __tests__ folder.

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5. Tests are now more reliable. We optimized the test generator algorithm to make each outputted test as compatible as possible with your application architecture.

With this new iteration we are eager to hear feedback from the React community. Please email with bugs that need squashing, suggestions for new features, words of encouragement, constructive criticism, or if you would like to contribute.

Check out or GitHub repo here:

Thank you for reading!

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