At Webiny we do have the package-of-the-day slack channel where we post our favorite NPM packages daily ?

Below, we listed our top 10 favorite NPM packages. ?

1. Contreebutors

Contreebutors — A small library that makes it easy to keep a list of all people that contributed to a project (most often an open-source project). It’s really easy to use — just run the contreebutors add --username {GITHUB_USERNAME} command and the tool will add the given contributor to the contreebutors.json file, and more importantly, update the list of all contributors at the end of your project's file.

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2. Githug

Githug — Is designed to give you a practical way of learning git. It has a series of levels, each requiring you to use git commands to arrive at a correct answer.

3. Indent-string

Indent-string — Is very useful when you want to add a little bit of touch to your CLI messages. It indents your multi-line text by a given number of spaces. You can also specify which character to use as an indentation character.

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4. Gatsby-source-graphql

Gatsby-source-graphql — A plugin for connecting arbitrary GraphQL APIs to Gatsby’s GraphQL. Remote schemas are stitched together by declaring an arbitrary type name that wraps the remote schema Query type (typeName below), and putting the remote schema under a field of the Gatsby GraphQL query (fieldName below).

5. Adio

Adio (all-dependencies-in-order) — This is a small library that checks your code for dependencies that are not listed in the package.json and vice-versa, checks package.json files for dependencies that are not used in code.

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Env-cmd — A simple node program for managing your environment variables using different file formats and programmatic API.

7. NCP

NCP — Asynchronous recursive file & directory copying. Think cp -r but pure node, and asynchronous. ncp can be used both as a CLI tool and programmatically.

8. Node-notifier

Node-notifier — Send cross-platform native notifications using Node.js. Notification Center for macOS, notify-osd/libnotify-bin for Linux, Toasters for Windows 8/10, or taskbar balloons for earlier Windows versions. Growl is used if none of these requirements are met. Works well with Electron.

9. NeDB

NeDB — The JavaScript Database — Embedded persistent or in-memory database for Node.js, nw.js, Electron, and browsers, 100% JavaScript, no binary dependency. API is a subset of MongoDB’s and it’s plenty fast.

10. Chokidar

Chokidar — This package is your go-to tool when you need to watch for file system changes. It’s very useful for creating file watchers. Many tools are built using this library, one of the most well-known being webpack and its webpack-dev-server.