WebStorm 2020.2: Use Prettier as the Default Formatter, Work with Nuxt.js, and Get Full Support for GitHub PRs

I really want to love Webstorm but there are alot of things that vscode just does it for a beginner like me.

I felt that even though it’s a bit slow sometimes auto completion/IntelliSense in vscode is way better and made me far more productive than I was on Webstorm.(ex: li / style tag in HTML gives a list of choices. IK it’s a dumb example but this was a huge deal breaker for me when I was trying Webstorm, coming from just 2 weeks of VSCode usage)

IDK why but Webstorm shows some methods as warnings (not declared) eg: add & remove method in javascript etc.

There were some refactoring mistakes in the same file made by the IDE. (though I must admit I shouldn’t have used any shadow variables)

VSCode just seems more intuitive, I guess I’m doing something wrong ? I just installed few plugins and VSCode just works (auto close tag, Bootstrap snippets, Bracket colorizer, chrome debugger, Eslint, Prettier, HTML to CSS auto completion, Live SASS compiler, Live server, path IntelliSense, project manager, Vim, settings sync, Status bar error)

& I loved the process of immersing myself in the terminal, manually configuring things like the linters and formatters etc.

Even though cost was never an issue for me(I have a student’s licence) In the end I felt VSCode is more suited for web developement in general and Webstorm is not the industry standard like IntelliJ is in Java developement.

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