Write JSX components that are installable with a single click

The last few days I’ve been making video tutorials on the topic mentioned in the title of this article. Whether you’re React expert or beginner, you can expect them to be an informative journey through dummy components to advanced topics like app-state management or error handling. Here you can dive straight into it:

Or go to this playlist

Let me know how you feel about the form of this tutorials. If you find it informative, subscribe to our YouTube channel.


Newcomers are overwhelmed with all the tech around web frontend. Also, for more advanced developers, putting things together by hand takes too much time and decisions to be made.

We’ve been developing an incredibly unique IDE with a built-in framework where you can install widgets with a single-click, no matter if it’s a dummy content presenter or reservation wizard with loads of business logic. What matters is that after the installation, the end user should be able to experience fully functional UI that is populated with test data.

Video context

You can follow the video examples as they are based on two existing components:

See how to run them: https://github.com/gluecodes/gluecodes-animals#table-of-contents

Become a contributor

Have an idea for a component or you want to improve existing one? Just create a pull requests. If you found a bug and don’t feel like fixing it, just create an issue and someone else will take care of it. To learn more, see README(s) of the following repos:

  • animals – e-commerce
  • cities – navigation
  • dashboards – tables, charts etc.
  • forms – forms and wizards to be used by end-users e.g. reservation
  • fruits – multi purpose content blocks e.g. hero, 3-column section etc.
  • vegetables – single purpose blocks and elements e.g. map or cookie notification

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