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653 comments[AskJS] [AskJS] What's your opinion about Next.js ?
623 comments[AskJS] [AskJS] What concepts do you consider important in order to master Javascript?
2322 comments[AskJS] [AskJS] What do you guys feel about boilerplate?
220 comments[AskJS] [AskJS] Which is your favorite JS editor and what is the best alternative to VSCode with the same rich plugins features ? does the telemetry inside VSCode bother you ?
416 comments[AskJS] [AskJS] What are people using for technical diagramming these days?


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3316 comments[AskJS] [AskJS] People who work with APIs: Do you validate JSON responses in JS?
24 comments[AskJS] [AskJS] Best Serverless/Lambda Framework in 2021?
115 comments[AskJS] [AskJS] Is it pointless to learn JS as a Computer Science grad?


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