It has been trending for some days about WhatsApp new policy updates, Will all your data really be shared with Facebook.Many such questions: In the mind of people, What is really going on. Let's discuss some things about this to make us choose a transparent App.

Reason to dispute between Facebook and WhatsApp founder:

As you know, Facebook is the parent company of WhatsApp.Now a days Facebook is called the biggest market for Advertising. While taking over WhatsApp, Facebook denied any ads appearing on the app. Brian Acton (Founder of WhatsApp) whatsapp agreement was signed regarding these terms. Now Facebook wants to show ads over WhatsApp which goes agains WhatsApp founder's agreement. Meanwhile Brian Acton left secured stocks to facebook and join Signal Foundation.

New WhatsApp Policy:

According to Facebook wants to share data over Facebook or Instagram, Being a parent company of both foundation Facebook will collect your data as information and will share over these social platform. We do not claim any policy to be correct. You can see whatsapp policy for your better decision here.

Note: We are not against any policy and we do not support any application.This is just for information.