Overall, there are around 10000 tweets being tweeted on Twitter each second. There are in excess of 300 million users on Twitter including superstars, politicians, teachers, finance managers, programmers, and organizations.

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Why Twitter?

Twitter is more popular among programmers than any other social platform these days, and beginners also like to connect with their relevant profiles to improve their coding skills. Today we are presenting those twitter profile for the same programmers, Whose content, suggestions and ideas are very helpful for us.

Here are the below popular twitter profiles, Enjoy them and share your favorites in the comments section

Let's Have a look

1.Danny Thompson (@DThompsonDev)

We cannot compile a list of Twitter profiles for new coders without the inclusion of Danny Thompson.
Danny Thompson is a public speaker and software developer who is helping in ideas & question, Now a days as hashnode is popular community , you can hear him at hashnode twitter space as well.


2.Raza Rython(@razacodes)

He is responsible for the application management (Dev/Ops) of all IT applications used by the different head office functions departments and local Business Units in various countries. He tweets about most about Python, django, With him you can learn by live streaming with Challenges.


3.Eleftheria Batsou(@BatsouElef)

She is Community Managerr at @hashnode as well as a developer and public speaker. Updates are the most important thing for developers, if you want to stay updated with new technologies then you must see their tweets. As per my experience she is much helpful to guide you. Her twitter account is a great one to follow for coders, no matter how experienced you are.


4. Nanouu Symeon(@NanouuSymeon)

She Is UI/Css developer as well as coding Tutor @AlgorithmicsU and @blueshiftcoding. She is the most frequent Twitter user to ask the usual questions related to technology. Along with this, she shared many things of UI/CSS design, so you can follow her if you are a designer.


5.Learn Python With Rune (@PythonWithRune)

As his name depicts , He is Big Data Python Backend Freelance Consultant. He provide free courses at his website https://www.learnpythonwithrune.org , If you want information related to python code then rune is a good choice for yourself, which shares a lot of articles. If you are python love then must follow him.


6. Chelsea L. Andrews(@Chels_LA)

She is tech enthusiast and co-founder at _TechMode , We being a developer are unaware of many things. She shares information about new innovations, cloud mobile sources, things like. We are never able to make good ideas even after coding, you can follow her to focus on some ideas.


7. Yuri Lee (@codingyuri)

Don't be surprised to see him on this list. She is an aspiring full-stack web developer and share helpful tips & resources. Yuri is known for writing her good articles while she is still a learner. She is a perfect example of what you can learn from juniors too. Her css and javascript articles are very good for which you can follow her.


8. Ankur Tyagi (@TheAnkurTyagi)

He is an enthusiastic software engineer shaping the future of software development. He develop web applications, coach budding developers, and create content for the web. You must follow him for programming and career-related tweets.


9. Eliahu Garcia Lozano (@eligarlo)

He is Full Stack Web Developer, He create, build and provide solutions to customers needs and their websites. He write articles on javascript and share javascript tips which can be useful to being a good developer as he proved while he started his career when he was 30 years old. I would suggest you to follow him to get encouraged.


10. Monica (@musing_monica)

She is a software Developer who tweets about Personal Development, sarcasm and humorous. Continuous coding is always very difficult for a developer, For which you should also focus on personal development to improve your personality. You should interact with people for your personality development, want to see the thoughts of the people, which can give you a new idea and energy. You must follow her, She can be your inspiration.


Note : This list is prepared after suggestion of some of our developers and twitter users, so it is mentioned as per their option, if you find any issue you can mail us on given mail-id.

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That's it for now. Let us know in the mail or twitterAccount, if you follow some other Web developer, who deserves to be in the list.

Author : Shantun Parmar

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