Codementor: Frontend Developer Vs Backend Developer: Who Will Win The War?

Backend vs Frontend developer is a topic of battle from the last several years. As we know, both Backend Developers and Frontend Developers are crucial for project development. But by apprehending a few things associated with Frontend developers and Backend Developers, you will be able to identify the distinction between the same, and will also be able to identify the profit of hiring both the developers.
On the basis of the developer’s working process, you will be able to determine the best between Backend vs Frontend developer.

55.5%, 54.9%, and 37.1% of respondents recognized as Backend, Full-stack, and Frontend developer, respectively. (Stack overflow 2020)

The profession of Web developers in the US is predicted to rise by 27% from 2014 to 2024 (Bureau of Labor)

Source: Stackoverflow

How Frontend Developer And Backend Developer Begin Working On A Project?

Before starting any of the projects, experts make a proper strategy, and thereafter, they begin working on it.

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Let’s observe how Frontend developer and Backend Developer Begin Working on a Project:

What Does Frontend Developers Do?

Frontend developers are proficient in performing various tasks; this finally helps you shorten the app and website development process. The work performed by the Frontend developers are:

Interact with UX/Designer: In building the Frontend of the web app or website design method is involved that’s why the very step of a Frontend developer is to talk with UX/Designer.

Focuses on Architecture: In order to work on any of the Frontend projects, it is crucial to build Architecture first, this involves whether you are going to utilize the SPA with Angular or other Architecture.

CSS Process: Developers also determine the CSS process it involves structuring, file organization, and naming classes. For handling the CSS process developers usually utilize Atomic, BEM, OOCSS, CSS-in-JS, SMACSS.

File Structure: After managing CSS Process experts build files based on features.

Setup build tool: In order to create the outer module, customarily developers use Browserify, Webpack, Rollup tools.

Web Front: Developers focus on producing the web front.

Icon System: Once the web Frontend task gets completed developers make the icon.

Basic scaffolding: Usually developers do Basic scaffolding by using reset.css or normalize.css. Experts concentrate on setting up the font size line height, colors, sizes.

Once after creating basic scaffolding, developers design Env variables, components, and other supplementary things.

What Backend Developers Do?

Backend developers are pro in completing various tasks; this assuredly helps you reduce the app and website development process. The work accomplished by the Backend developers are:

Server-side code: Backend developers begin by writing the Server-side code.

Database Code: Once after completing with server-side code, the developers write code to communicate with a database.

Security: After completing database codes, developers assure that whether server-side code is guarded or not.

Code Optimization: Thereafter, developers optimize the code, and this handles the huge traffic volume.

Frontend Developer Vs Backend Developer

Here in this section, I have compared various pointers. This will ultimately help you in estimating the result of the Frontend developer vs Backend developer war.

In order to make comparisons between Frontend developer and Backend developer I have considered various topics like:

  • How Frontend developers developed websites look like?
  • How do Backend developers build websites look like?
  • Frontend vs Backend: Programming Language
  • The Best Frameworks utilized by Frontend Developer and Backend Developer

How Frontend developers developed websites look?

When the Frontend developers build the business website on WordPress, then they usually focus on building images, style, and presentation.

If you want to offer a unique look to the website and app, then I will recommend you hire Frontend developers.


How do Backend developers build websites look like?

The Backend developers essentially focus on maintaining the security, database, site performance, and many more. Let’s view how the website Backend looks like…


Frontend vs Backend: Programming Language


Frontend developers usually utilized 3 Frontend development languages that are HTML, CSS, JavaScript. The experts have a wide knowledge of these Frontend programming languages; that’s why they have the ability to handle moderate to high-level projects. Frontend developers also utilize various frameworks like React. By employing frameworks, experts intensify the appearance of the website.

Backend developers employ Ruby, PHP, Node.js, Python, and Java technologies to build the server-side of the websites. The developers also handle databases, and for this, they use Oracle, MySQL, and SQL Server.

The Best Frameworks Utilized By Frontend Developer And Backend Developer

Numerous frameworks and tools are utilized to produce the Frontend and Backend of the website, but among all few renders highly responsive outcomes.

The best tools which are usually employed by Frontend Developers are:

1) React: It is the open-source JavaScript library for generating user interfaces. Facebook and a developer community maintain this framework.

2) Angular: It is a TypeScript-based web app framework advanced by Google Angular Team and the experts’ community.

3) Vuejs: This is an open-source ViewModel JavaScript framework employed for developing single-page applications and user interfaces.

4) jQuery: This JavaScript library is built to simplify HTML DOM tree traversal. Additionally, it also manages CSS animation and Ajax.

5) Ember.js: This JavaScript web framework enables developers to produce excellent single-page web apps.

6) Semantic-UI: It is one of the most superior Frontend development frameworks, supported by LESS and jQuery.

Comparison Table: Frontend Vs Backend Development

The Frontend Vs Backend comparison table will help you know the difference between both. Moreover, this will also help you in knowing which will be excellent among the two.


Wrapping Up

Here I have explained different points correlated to Frontend vs Backend Developer. The use of Frontend and Backend development is necessary for website development, and that’s why it is remarkably difficult to say which will be the champion of Frontend Vs. Backend Developer war and even I can say that this is a never-ending war.

Nowadays, diverse startups, SMEs, and big enterprises just hire Frontend developers and Backend developers for websites and app development. But I will recommend you to Hire Frontend programmers from the recognized IT outsourcing company; this will ultimately help you build leading apps and websites.

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