Codementor: Quick Answers to Python Interview Questions for Freshers

Students who have completed their Python training in Pune can look at the below-listed FAQs that can be asked during the Python interview. It can be helpful for both freshers and experienced professionals to grow. Even if you are a fresher, we are pretty sure you would understand every listed question and answer.

Q. What is Python?
Python is one of the smart programming languages that has modules, threads, objects, and exceptions. Automatic memory management is entirely transferrable and easy to use—an open-source build-in-data structure.

Q. What are the various objects Python provides to copy an item?
To copy any object, Python can use the shallow copy or deep copy method. New references are created to use the external copy method as it is not the object’s content like a dictionary that can be copied.

Q. Give one reason to use yield in Python?
It is better to use yield to get control over the access to read over each iteration in some cases.

Q. What are the advantages of using Python?
• The object of the file gets automatically closed with the execution block.
• Handles the exception with the block
• The memory of the loop iterates through the f file. It buffers inside the IO operations as well as memory management.
• It also handles the file’s opening and closing, except that it is raised in the inner block.

Q. What is pep 8?
Pep stands for Python Enhancement Proposal. Pep 8 is a set of rules used to format a Python code to its maximum readability.

Q. What is namespace in Python?
A naming system is introduced and given unique names to avoid name conflicts.

Q. What are the in-built Python modules commonly used?
Python modules have a particular set of Python codes available. Moreover, these codes may function in classes or variables. A Python module is considered as .py file, and the standard modules are:

• OS
• Random
• Data Time
• Sys
• Math

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