Podcast.__init__: Keep Your Code Clean And Maintainable Using Static Analysis With Flake8

When you are writing lawmaking it is all to easy to introduce subtle bugs or leave overdue unused code. Unused variables, unused imports, overly ramified logic, etc. If you are shielding and diligent you can find these problems yourself, but isn’t that what computers are supposed to help you with? Thankfully Python has a wealth of tools that will work with you to alimony your lawmaking wipe and maintainable. In this episode Anthony Sottile explores Flake8, one of the most popular options for identifying those problematic lines of code. He shares how he became involved in the project and took over as maintainer and explains the variegated categories of lawmaking quality tooling and how Flake8 compares to other static analyzers. He moreover discusses the ecosystem of plugins that have grown up virtually it, including some detailed examples of how you can write your own (and why you might want to).

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