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The idea of having a software as a service product sound great though, doesn't it?

Solve a problem with software. Have a nice looking landing page and website. Get paying customers.

Eventually have it make enough revenue so you can turn it into your primary source of income.

There's a lot of software talent out there. We could solve lots of problems.
But going from idea to product to first customer is non-trivial.
Especially as a side hustle.
This episode discusses some of the hurdles from idea to first customer.

Brandon Braner is building It's a cool idea, but it's not done yet.

Brandon and I talk about building side projects:

  • finding a target audience
  • limiting scope to something doable by one person
  • building a great looking landing page
  • finding time to work on things
  • prioritizing and planning
  • learning while building
  • even utilizing third party services to allow you to launch faster
  • and last, but not least, having fun
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