Mobile marketing isn’t something that people take into consideration much when getting involved with the hyperlocal search, but it should be recognized because it’s probably the one median where SEO is utilized the most. Whether it’s text messages, SMS messages, applications, or more, designing a mobile marketing campaign is the best way to attract those in a hyperlocal market.

Almost all cell phones today have some kind of internet connectivity with them. Keep in mind that most people do not carry laptops around with them at all times, but instead use their cell phones or smartphones to check their email, update their Twitter, or browse the internet for places to eat or shop. Companies that have developed mobile applications for use in cell phones (especially free applications) can create brand awareness for their product or service and receive an adamant fan following from people on the go. The key to creating good mobile apps is creativity. Users want something that is simple, useful and keeps their interest. Try not to make an app that is too large to fit onto a person’s mobile device, otherwise, it risks being deleted (there is only so much space and priority listed for apps).

Text messages (or SMS messages) is also another way to use mobile marketing to drive visitors to your website. Whether you’re updating people with news or information about your product, text messaging is a way to instantly update via the net, especially when phones are set to alert users immediately when a message is received.

Also, consider the fact that mobile marketing is the supreme road to take for hyper SEO. In fact, you’re building the potential to attract numerous amounts of customers in and around your location who are more likely to engage in your product or service if you have a mobile application.

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